Online IELTS Coaching in Delhi

Writing for both Academic and General Training requires you to write a short essay in an academic style. Online IELTS Coaching in Delhi. Just like formal letters or academic reports, it is not appropriate to use informal language, such as idioms, when writing this style of essay. Idioms can be used in the Speaking test and can help you get a higher score because you are using a more informal, natural and conversational type of language, but this does not mean that you should use them in every single sentence.


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Water damage macbook in dubai

If you still water your MacBook with water or something else, don’t panic, we’ll tell you what needs to be done to save the laptop and to prevent as much as possible serious consequences from getting moisture before arriving at the service center.
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Step 1 . Turn off your Macbook as quickly as possible by pressing and holding the power button!
Step 2 . Disconnect it from the network and peripherals (if they are connected)
Step 3 . Take paper towels or towels and wipe the liquid as far as possible. Option No. 2 - we turn the laptop upside down with the keyboard and put it open on a towel on the edge of the table (the keyboard lies on the table, the screen hangs).
Step 4 . If you have a screwdriver at hand, quickly turn the laptop over, unscrew the screws securing the back cover, and remove the battery.
Step 5 . We urgently take the MacBook to a service center or call a courier to the house for professional Macbook air repair water damage in dubai prevention or troubleshooting.
We all love to drink coffee, tea, beer, wine or just water while playing games, watching movies, surfing the Internet or working at a macbook pro water . At the same time, we rarely reflect on the fact that one careless movement is enough for all this liquid to appear on an open laptop, which will very quickly fail after such “water procedures”. Also, in addition to the traditional overturning of cups or glasses, often the cause of corrosion of internal elements, short circuits, swollen batteries and other breakdowns are wet hands that are not wiped off after washing, the macbook gets wet in the rain, and the laptop stays in water damage macbook in dubai high humidity (in the bathroom, for example) etc.

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DSSSB TGT Maths Result 2022

DSSSB TGT Maths : There is very good news for the candidates who had appeared in the TGT Mathematics exam conducted by the Delhi Subordinate Service Selection Board (DSSSB). DSSSB has released the result of this recruitment exam. Which candidates can check by visiting the site dsssb.delhi.gov.in.


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3/4 Bhk Ultra Luxurious Flat in Ace Divino Registered With Rera

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Work as a Spiritual Practice

Text 1: "We have learned how to create economic freedom, but we have not yet mastered how to ensure economic justice.We are the wealthiest generation in human history, but are we the wisest? And what will happen now that everyone else in the world wants to be just like us, with our three televisions, two cars, and a personal monthly energy bill greater than the annual income per capita of some poor countries?"

Response 1: I completely agree with this statement and I really liked that the author distinguished with what Americans have. I liked that it bluntly said that we have economic freedom but now economic justice because I think it's completely true. Companies are firing Americans so that they can outsource and take their factories overseas where someone would work for far less than in the United States. I think people are too obsessed with material objects and they don't think twice about someone else. Greed and selfishness has consumed us. This brings me back to "The Story of Stuff" because a valid point made was "we do not have value if we do not own stuff." In our society we are judged by what we have and what we wear but no one ever judges us by who we are or what we do or what our values and morals are. There are people in third world countries who have much better values and morals yet they have far less that what we have. Do we need all the material objects we have? Probably not. But do we want them? The answer is always yes.

Text 2: "When we believe that the world makes us, that it determines what we can and cannot do, then we see ourselves as small and weak. But when we understand that we make the world - individually and together - then we become formidable and strong."

Response 2: This just reminds me that we have the power to define things and we control what we do. However, we do blame society and blame everyone else except ourselves. We point fingers to make ourselves feel better. But it doesn't last long. The feeling of satisfaction lasts far longer when we make a change, a difference. Even the smallest thing could make a difference either now or in the long run. We as individuals want to be our own person and fight for the right to show ourselves as who we are. But what's the point when we go along doing what society does instead of making a change?

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Week of 11/19

Text 1:

Quote 1: "“There is no hope of immortality through riches.”

Response: This is such a good quote because it is true without anyone being able to dispute it. It's true. We all die and become equal in death, this may be morbid but it's true. Whether or not one believes in an afterlife is their business, however, there is a lot of merit in living the best life that you can live while here on this earth because you don't know where you will go after that. And everyone knows in their heart what is ethical and what is not, so following that instead of money is definitely important.

Quote 2: "It is clear from this that rites cannot lead to Freedom. Therefore let the wise one strive after Freedom, giving up all longing for sensual self-indulgence; approaching the good, great Teacher (the Higher Self), with soul intent on the object of the teaching"

Response: Who is a good teacher? We argued this in class, but in this quote the best teacher is the higher self. What is the higher self? In my mind it is the best possible version of ourselves that will never be truly attainable but is always what we strive to become. We all have this person in our heads, and some get much closer than others. In my mind, the people who get the closest live the best lives and according to the quote, they are also more free.

Text 2:

Quote: "The advertising industry exists primarily to stimulate these desires and in some cases to invent them whole out of cloth"

Response: As someone going into advertising this is a sad truth. It is very manipulative and many times advertising creates insecurities that weren't there before. Like body hair- Nair wasn't needed in the past but now the message that is sent is that if you are hairy at all men will find you unattractive. Humans have hair. It's ridiculous.

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Work as a Spiritual Practice (The Transformation of Work)

Text 1:

"Ten years ago, it was the Japanese-style corporate model that was seen as the world's future. Today, the American economic system is the envy of the world. It remains to be seen whether our dominance will continue or fall victim to yet another turn in the road."

Response 1:

This passage doesn't hold much weight compared to the rest of the reading, but it really enlightened me. I always assumed that the revered American economic system would always remain as the dominant system. This passage made me realize that new and better economic models are always created that trump the previous model. It made me think if one of the sustainable or socially just models that we have examined will be the next "turn in the road".

Text 2:

“Another problem with capitalism is that while it rewards success, it does not protect against failure. In fact, the nature of the game is that for there to be winners, there must be losers.”

Response 2:

When putting it in such simple terms, it is easy to see how capitalism leads to such economical differences between "winners" and "losers". Competition drives progress, but in US capitalism one group keeps progressing and the other worsens. Nina used an excellent analogy talking about this same quote, and I completely agree. In competition, all parties involved should start at an equal level; no one should get an unfair advantage. In US capitalism, there is always an advantaged party and another who is left with a disadvantage. This predetermines who will end up a "winner" or a "loser". It plainly shows how the current system is unfair, and illustrates why we need models such as fair trade to improve on everyone's life quality.

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The jewelcrest of wisdom

Text1: "Knowledge is gained by discernment, by examining, by
instruction, but not by bathing, nor gifts, nor a hundred holdings of the breath."

I like this quote, as I believe that it promotes action. It says that you cannot receive knowledge, you must earn it. There are many parts of life that you cannot simply get by performing the bare minimum, or expecting to receive simply because you completed a perceived prerequisite. It's almost like expecting to learn just because you go to class. While going to class is good, just like the religious actions described in the quote, it is not enough.

Text2: "The moon's form must be seen by one's own eyes; it can never be known through the eyes of another."

Here, another quote that promotes action, but in a different way. Before it was a quest for knowledge, now it is one for experience. It seems that people are content to hear stories of the amazing experiences and phenomena that exists in this world and not see them for themselves. It is difficult to learn a new language, or travel to distant places and so its easier to sit back and admire those who have. In reality sometimes all it takes is a little more effort or courage to get up and experience the world.

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The Crest-Jewel of Wisdom

Actual text #1

"I am burned by the hot flame of relentless life and torn by the winds of misery"

I think most of us have felt this way at some point in our lives. Life seems to have a perpetual engine that doesn't stop for anyone and can be very relentless. For example, senior year there is an added element of finding a job that can at times feel overwhelming. The prospect of not only performing up to standard in school but also going to interviews and sending out applications can bring on serious stress. For me I find solace in my parents and my friends. I feel most stressed when I'm at the library on an island and my head is spinning with things I have to do in the upcoming weeks. However, when I get home and realize that everyone else is enduring the same process and talk it through it becomes a lot less taxing.
Text #2
"Sons and kin can pay a father's debts, but none but a man's self can set him free"

This is true of everything in life. Material assets and girlfriends and status can create an illusion of success and happiness, however the true platform and root of happiness is finding a comfort and understanding of one's self. We tend to distract our minds from the lingering issue of self worth and self-importance. We are naturally a confused sole but with time and reflection we can find our true core meaning and true happiness. Therefore, we need to spend more time on the things that do affect core happiness like relationships and faith versus jobs and acquisitions. We need to define ourselves through our relationships and faith and not social status and wealth of currency.

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The Jewlcrest of Wisdom

Text #1: "Another problem with Capitalism is that while it rewards success, it does not protect against failure. In fact the nature of the game is that for there to be winners, there must be losers"

Response #1: This quote reminds me of many discussions that have happened in class. Though capitalism promotes success and economic growth, it does not protect against failure. Nina once said in class, "people with safety nets are more likely to take risks." Because capitalism does not protect against failure, people without safety nets are less likely to take leaps of faith in the capitalistic market we live in. Unfortunately this leads to the winners, mentioned in the quote above, will continue to win, while the losers continue to lose. This contributes to the ever growing gap between the upper and working classes in the United States. Though other countries face this problem as well.

Text #2: "The advertising industry exists primarily to stimulate these desires and in some cases to invent them whole out of cloth"

Response #2: This quote was very thought provoking for me. I intend to major in marketing and thinking about the corruption within the advertising industry makes me question my path. Although I have thought a lot about the business industry, reading these words in a solemn writing such as this one really brings forth questions for me. People have become very materialistic in today's society, especially in the United States. The people may not be totally to blame, as there perceptions are shaped by the exposure. The advertising industry works endlessly to expose people to things that do not need in attempts at making people desire these goods simply to turn profits.

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