Work as a Spiritual Practice

Text 1: "We have learned how to create economic freedom, but we have not yet mastered how to ensure economic justice.We are the wealthiest generation in human history, but are we the wisest? And what will happen now that everyone else in the world wants to be just like us, with our three televisions, two cars, and a personal monthly energy bill greater than the annual income per capita of some poor countries?"

Response 1: I completely agree with this statement and I really liked that the author distinguished with what Americans have. I liked that it bluntly said that we have economic freedom but now economic justice because I think it's completely true. Companies are firing Americans so that they can outsource and take their factories overseas where someone would work for far less than in the United States. I think people are too obsessed with material objects and they don't think twice about someone else. Greed and selfishness has consumed us. This brings me back to "The Story of Stuff" because a valid point made was "we do not have value if we do not own stuff." In our society we are judged by what we have and what we wear but no one ever judges us by who we are or what we do or what our values and morals are. There are people in third world countries who have much better values and morals yet they have far less that what we have. Do we need all the material objects we have? Probably not. But do we want them? The answer is always yes.

Text 2: "When we believe that the world makes us, that it determines what we can and cannot do, then we see ourselves as small and weak. But when we understand that we make the world - individually and together - then we become formidable and strong."

Response 2: This just reminds me that we have the power to define things and we control what we do. However, we do blame society and blame everyone else except ourselves. We point fingers to make ourselves feel better. But it doesn't last long. The feeling of satisfaction lasts far longer when we make a change, a difference. Even the smallest thing could make a difference either now or in the long run. We as individuals want to be our own person and fight for the right to show ourselves as who we are. But what's the point when we go along doing what society does instead of making a change?

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