Week of 11/19

Text 1:

Quote 1: "“There is no hope of immortality through riches.”

Response: This is such a good quote because it is true without anyone being able to dispute it. It's true. We all die and become equal in death, this may be morbid but it's true. Whether or not one believes in an afterlife is their business, however, there is a lot of merit in living the best life that you can live while here on this earth because you don't know where you will go after that. And everyone knows in their heart what is ethical and what is not, so following that instead of money is definitely important.

Quote 2: "It is clear from this that rites cannot lead to Freedom. Therefore let the wise one strive after Freedom, giving up all longing for sensual self-indulgence; approaching the good, great Teacher (the Higher Self), with soul intent on the object of the teaching"

Response: Who is a good teacher? We argued this in class, but in this quote the best teacher is the higher self. What is the higher self? In my mind it is the best possible version of ourselves that will never be truly attainable but is always what we strive to become. We all have this person in our heads, and some get much closer than others. In my mind, the people who get the closest live the best lives and according to the quote, they are also more free.

Text 2:

Quote: "The advertising industry exists primarily to stimulate these desires and in some cases to invent them whole out of cloth"

Response: As someone going into advertising this is a sad truth. It is very manipulative and many times advertising creates insecurities that weren't there before. Like body hair- Nair wasn't needed in the past but now the message that is sent is that if you are hairy at all men will find you unattractive. Humans have hair. It's ridiculous.

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