Downward Mobility

Text #1: To understand the logic of that world, we begin, once again, with insecurity

Response #1: Brackley writes that people are insecure by constitution. People fear pain, failure and death. He claims that today's day and age encourages insecurities in people. We worry about crime, disaster and war. He discusses the insecurities people feel in regards to money. Social status is often determined by socioeconomic class; people worry about their social standings. I agree with Brackley when he suggests that people worry far too much. However, it is a part of human nature to fear pain and death and to desire wealth and prosperity. Although in society today, demands of success may be held to an extreme importance, without this worry people would not be motivated.

Text #2: We have a deep need to belong, to feel that we are valuable and our lives worthwhile.

Response #2: This section of the passage was extremely moving for me. All of what Brackley writes I agree with, I had just never thought of status in such a concise and straightforward way. He says "society tells us who we are and where we fit." This proves true, especially in today's culture where the media is more accessible than ever before. Society assigns us roles, even as basic as honest versus dishonest. People exercise these roles unless they break away and defy their roles significantly. Our personal worth can even be innate, by variables such as gender, race and social class. Since these variables cannot be broken, it is difficult to change the role we are assigned, which leads to our self-esteem and feelings of self-worth.

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