Downward Mobility

Actual Text 1: “Some people are more important than others… Rather, some are more human than others- more valuable as persons.” (Page 94)

Response 1: This part of Downward Mobility was under The Social Ladder section where the important and unimportant are distinguished. The fact that this quote was even stated is upsetting mainly due to the fact that it’s unfortunately true. One person is obviously not more important than another person of lower class but their importance in regards to how much they consume in a society is “important” to success. This may be taken the wrong way but it is true. A person’s value cannot be decided by their class but the way society values their existence is quite dependent on how much is consumed. The poor, handicapped, lower classes are clearly not unimportant, that is just ridiculous! No one is valued more than anyone and it is bizarre to think that the material someone consumes creates value.

Actual Text 2: “We are insecure by constitution. We fear pain and rejection. We fear the collapse of meaning. Ultimately, we fear death.” (Page 91)

Response 2: Insecurities are personally the cause of my downfall and without speaking for everyone, is the cause of many struggles in life. We are incredibly afraid of being rejected with is connected with our insecurities. We don’t want to feel pain and are afraid that there is a “collapse of meaning” in life. Our way of life now “aggravates” the feelings we have in regards to fear and insecurity. We are so afraid of rejection that it in many situations fear controls our actions. Why are we so afraid of dying when we know it is inevitable? Why do we fear so much rejection? How do we change this about daily life? Is there any hope for happiness?

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