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Actual #1: The US outputs 4 billion pounds of toxic chemical waste every year.

Response #1: The video contained a great deal of facts; however, this fact in particular really stood out to me. Often, when we talk about sustainability in class, we discuss poor wages and working conditions for people. We rarely discuss environmental sustainability. The United States government implements standards for fair wages and working conditions for the people of the workforce in order to sustain the people of the country. The government lacks in its environmental sustainability efforts. Environmental toxins affect the people when people breath in polluted air. These pollutions can have long term effects on the body. One mentioned in the video is that pollution negatively affects breast milk. Although the United States outputs a very large amount of waste, other, more industrial countries such as China or India likely output far more than the United States.

Actual #2: The video portrays a "Whole Paycheck"

Response #2: Whole Foods is a grocery store that sells organic, natural and sustainable groceries. There are few companies, such as this one, that dedicate their mission to providing natural, sustainable, and fairly traded choices to the public. In order to do so, Whole Foods charges high prices. This is largely because purchasing organic and sustainable is more expensive to begin with, and to remain profitable organic sellers must charge higher prices. The video mocks the high prices at Whole Foods by suggesting that it uses one's "whole paycheck" to shop at the store. I think it is really unfortunate that more people cannot live and eat sustainably simply because doing this is out of their budget. As organic farming methods continue to improve, prices of organic and natural goods may decrease.

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