Sept. 10th: Using our Purchasing Power for Justice and Hope Response

-The first part of this article that stuck out to me was the story on page 10 that describes briefly the documentary “Black Gold.” It talks about the struggle with production of coffee beans in Ethiopia, and the money issues the people face. It states that the more coffee growers created the less they made due to problems with fair wages.
- I was shocked to read this because like the article says, I believed “the more you produce, the more you profit.” The notion of “hard work pays off” is a false idea in this case, and makes me realize that not everywhere is as fair as I assumed. I have noticed that I am unaware of the types of work environments other people around the world experience, and that in many places it is unjust.

- An uplifting section of this article was the story about the artisan group, El Mercurio. One woman, Yody Moran Trillo, describes her feelings towards the job she has by saying that it gives her dignity. She, and the women she works with, feel more respected and are proud of the quality of the goods they produce. She also talks about a specific time when a coworker who broke her arm. This injury made her unable to produce goods, and technically meant she should not have been paid. Instead, as a group the artisans decided to give the woman her usual income even though she was unable to contribute to the production.
- The people in this artisan group make me hopeful about humanity. I really liked the part about still paying the artisan with the broken arm. It shows the amount of respect they have towards one anther, and that business can still be compassionate. There are many companies these days that are so cut throat that nothing else matters, but this shows that there still are many industries and places that put people first.

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