Dollars, Sense and Dignity by Conchy Bretos

Actual Text 1: “We stack subsidies to make the program self-sustainable. In other words, we have created a model of providing services to residents of publish and subsidized housing by layering federal and state funds and providing services to enable them to stay in their homes at a considerable savings to taxpayers. Our ability to have access to government funding to create this new affordable model is unique, and our firm is the only one in the nation with the expertise to make it work.” (Bretos, pp. 32)

Response 1: This part of the article took me a little by surprise. The way the organization is funding the projects is by this seemingly not so complex process that uses both state and federal funding. My first thought was to use this method of funding and replicate it for other projects that struggle with a lack of funding. It is specifically stated that this form of funding is an “affordable model” yet requires much “expertise” for the funding to work. This gives anyone who is in need the ability to the facilities, even if the individual is unable to pay. This complex funding process is highly rewarding but has drawbacks due to the fact that it is so hard to do. We need to figure out a way make this process easier and more accessible to other sectors in need.

Actual Text 2: “The world must not know about this, and I must be here for a reason. I think that I am the right person to change this. I need to tell everybody what is going on.” (Brentos, pp. 34)

Response 2: This quote really spoke to me. I have said something to this extent before and truly believe in it. Conchy Bretos called upon himself to take action to defend justice and create equality for elderly people. He says this quote in the article right after he tells us the atrocities in Fort Lauderdale. After coming to the US when he was only fourteen years old, he said he could never face injustice without trying to fix it. This is exactly what Conchy did, he took action. His words in the quote above touched me. He says in the beginning of the quote that he does not want anyone to know the filth he saw in the apartments in Fort Lauderdale (and all over the country). However, at the end of the quote, he says he needs to inform everyone of what is going on. He believed it was his mission to change thousands of peoples lives and create justice in an incredibly unjust sector of life. He was obviously right in saying this and found a way to help. Finding something we are incredibly passionate about is one of our best hopes in bettering society.

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