Monsenor The Last Journey of Oscar Romero

Text 1: "They learned that it was not God keeping them hungry, but the government and the wealthy institutions."

Text 2: Oscar Romero's life and his affect on his followers throughout the entire video

Response 1: The quote, "They learned that it was not God keeping them hungry, but the government and the wealthy institutions" is extremely eye opening for me. This exemplifies the power that lies within the government. People initially blamed God for not having enough food, which hindered peoples' relationships with God. Eventually the people realized God was not the one keeping them hungry, it was instead, the wealthy institutions and government. The unequal distribution of money is extremely prevalent in El Salvador and the government intended to keep this distribution. Without support of the government it would be impossible to overcome poverty and reach an equal distribution of income. Archbishop Romero stepped in and helped where the government lacked. He instilled hope in people, which simultaneously allowed them to mend their relationships with God.

After watching the video, I did some research of my own. I wanted to know more about Oscar Romero because I was so impressed with his work in El Salvador. He was a magnificent man that captured the hearts of many Catholics. What made this even more admirable was his followers often were people who questioned their relationships with God. Archbishop Romero was able to convince the people to have trust in the Catholic virtues and in God. He instilled faith into many who had lost their way. The Monsenor stood up for his church when the Catholics were being persecuted. He watched many of his colleagues, friends, and followers fall to the persecutors. In, March of 1980 Romero was assassinated during mass, after he had asked Salvadorian soldiers to stop carrying out the governments orders as these orders were a violation to human rights.

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