Introductory session

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by shiva28775 • 13 Posts

Hi All,

Greetings From Shiv....EMPI, New Delhi.

Welcome to the 'Spirituality, Fair Trade and Social Justice' Course Blog. Do Post your views and comments on Principles of Fair Trade here.

Best wishes


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RE: Introductory session

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by pooja • 1 Post

Today's session gave me the idea how to maintain working life with a proper blend of religion and spirituality.it gave us an opportunity to think about the less fortunate ones.we also learnt a little about child labor. I feel it is greatly helpful for the proper amalgamation of work with ethics and conscience.

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RE: Introductory session

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by SAMAR • 2 Posts

Introduction session cleared my doubts...in what way the action should be taken to achieve the goal for what we are here.I am very excited to move further in this course and experience the practical things.I am very thankful to Shiv Sir....for providing me the opportunity.

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RE: Introductory session

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by Aquib • 1 Post

'Spirituality, Fair Trade and Social Justice' Course will help me to know the Fair Trade in total manner.I am sure to find development within my self after completing this course and could be able to help the needy one.

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RE: Introductory session

in Post / Views Tue Sep 03, 2013 11:54 pm
by Gaurav Prakash • 2 Posts

As It was our first session and I was really eager to know that how spirituality connects with business . Spirituality and Business were two different Polesworth as per my perception because I could not find the attached thread of connectivity between these two. But after going through the introductory session I can find a connection between them as spirituality is a source of enlightenment to ourselves as it gives us dedication and self understanding about who we are and what are we here for , and in business also we need to have dedication and understand ourselves so it really helps in maintaining the dignity and keeping ourselves full of energy. Other thing which I learned today was about the princples of Fair Trade though these are some of the principles but these are the ethical pillars of fair trade . We always talk how it can we free of viruses it contain because a trade can never be fair until and unless it contains virus of making profit by not allowing others to grow . We always forget the main tag of life that at the end of each day we have to look into our own eyes and hence we should not act or do something that we feel ashamed of looking into our own eyes . So introductory session was very knowledgeable looking forward to upcoming sessions :-)

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RE: Introductory session

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by Manoj Pandey • 1 Post

Today's introductory session not only gave me a brief idea about what actually is Spirituality, Fair Trade and Social Justice but also raised my doubled my intrest towards it as it is a very deep topic to learn.It creates a learning enviorment in which i will definately learn new things which would be totally diffrent from classroom learning. In today's time getting practicle knowledge is very difficult to have so its an opportunity for me to extract as much as i can from this and also i would love to share my thoughts with other members too.
For this opportunity which i am going to get i would like thanks my mentor shiv sir for trusting in me that i am good enough to match all the expectation which he wants from us on Spirituality, Fair Trade and Social Justice. Looking for forward for next session.

Manoj Pandey

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RE: Introductory session

in Post / Views Mon Sep 09, 2013 4:16 pm
by Tapan Mahendra • 1 Post

Firstly I would like to thank our mentor Shiv sir to believe in me that I am capable for such a course.
In last session i just got the brief about " Spirituality,Fair Trade and Justice" and in further sessions I would like to learn many more things regarding the same and also want to share my ideas and thoughts with others to make the session interactive.

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RE: Introductory session

in Post / Views Wed Sep 11, 2013 2:59 am
by Ryan Ennis • 4 Posts

Last class was very interesting for me since my knowledge of Fair Trade is very limited. I enjoyed the handcrafting justice segment because it allowed me to get a real life look into the struggles and injustices of every day life in under-developed countries. I'm excited to learn more about Fair Trade and Spirituality and develop an informed opinion.

Ryan Ennis

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