The Jewelcrest of Wisdom/ The Transformation of Work

Actual Text: "There is no hope for immortality through riches."

Response: This part, taken from the scriptures caught my eye because it is a reality that I try to remember daily. Ever since I was young my parents stressed the need to give what you can and never be greedy; simply because at the end of the day, you can't take your riches, or treasures with you. It also makes me think about the ancient Egyptians and how they actually would bury the pharaohs in tombs with their treasures for the journey to the afterlife. But I think the riches that lead to immortality are those within the spirit and soul that come from the Freedom discussed in this passage.

Actual Text reading 2 "And what will happen now that everyone else in the world wants to be just like us, with our three televisions, two cars, and a personal monthly energy bill greater than the annual income per capita of some poor countries? Can the planet sustain us, or are the three-legged frogs now cropping up in fresh water ponds all over America one of many warning signs that it cannot?"

Response: This text reminded me of the stuff video we watched in regards to the statistic that we would need three to five more worlds if everyone produced like America. Therefore, like the odd three legged frogs and other elements like global warming and an absurd rise in natural catastrophe's I do not think this world can support anymore than it is now. And even at the rate it is currently producing waste it may not last much longer so to think of others copying this trend of wastefulness is horrifying.

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