Building on Faith

“Together, let’s change the odds. But unless we get the “together” right, there’s no way we will succeed.”

I really enjoyed this article because I feel it really helps to drive the point that the whole is better than the individuals that make it up. In my life, I feel I have always be part of a team. Whether that team is in sports, in my job, for a school project or even my family I have come to realize that working with others allows me to see new prospective and reach an answer for something that is much different from the answer I would have come up with on my own. Specifically in sports, my teammates have always been a reason to work hard each day and really give all of my effort. We work together to make everyone the best they can be and inspire each other to keeping striving for our aspirations. This has always been an extremely powerful feeling that I have come to realize makes a huge difference in performance. I believe that the Boston Foundation has a really strong foundation to begin making changes to the city of Boston that will most certainly be for the better.

“What did each of us in the crowd do to create that miracle?”

I found this to be a really challenging question that led me to think about what it is that I could do to really make an impact on those around me. While not everything we do will be a miracle, simple things can make the biggest difference. As an RA, I always strive to make a difference for my residents. While I know not every resident wants to attend programs or be extremely active in the community, I want everyone to know they are appreciated. I began giving residents care packages for the holidays and cards for their birthdays which have been received with great success. For me, this is the something I can do to help my residents feel appreciated while they are living away from home. I have come to realize that by adding your own special touch, others appreciate the effort and often times go on to do something nice in return (even if it’s for someone else!)

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