Blog Post 7:

Text 1: "If you don't buy or own a lot of stuff, you don't have value." This quote stuck out to me because of how true it is in modern day.

Response: It is really sad to think that the world has become a place where anything of value has a price tag on it. It is really sad to think that so many people put faith in material things instead of their families or friends. I think in this day and age to many people forget about the more important things in life. We are too focus on our plans, our silly little plans, where we try to run our lives and the lives of people around us. Just take a step back and look at how integrated your life has become with money. Without it we can barely do anything, and yet with it we also can barely do anything. It is sad to thing that value has become so synonymous to wealth in this day and age. I personally love wealth, and the benefits that come with it. However, i do not believe that wealth is in anyway equal to value. Value is something completely and utterly different. Value is the importance of something to someone. Something of value is something that has ties with you. Something that is worth fighting, and dying for. Something that is worth all your time and effort. And sure this could be money, but it is also a whole lot of other things.

Text 2: “6 months after their date of sale only 1% of products are still in use… 99% of materials are trashed within 6 months.” This quote was not surprising at all, and it made me reflect on my own actions.

Response: Barely surprising, but realizing that you see these qualities in yourself is the real value of this quote. After looking at this quote in depth i realized how much of a wasteful person i am. I throw away good food, decent clothing, and a plethora of other things just because i know i have the money to get me more things. That is utterly disgusting. How can i throw away perfectly good food when other people around the globe are starving. Ignorance. I mean ignorance is bliss right? However, it is blatantly scary how easily it is to forget about the world around you when you are living in your own tiny little bubble. This statistic is saddening and even worse when you realize you waste just as much perfectly good resources as well.

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