Week 6: Dollars, Sense and Dignity

Quote #1: "CBS news presented the case for my work extremely well. The research showed that, for every person we provide services, we were saving the Medicaid budget $18,000 per year."

Response to #1: I am definitely much more motivated by practicality, and this article did a very good job convincing me that Mia would be more cost-efficient. It is a topic that everyone thinks of. Many people have older relatives that they would like to see in good living situations, or they think of their parents, or even themselves when they get older. It's certainly a topic that interests many, especially since the government takes money out of our paychecks for Social Security. Being able to see Bloomberg, CBS, etc. and some numbers made me feel more reassured that this idea could actually work.

Quote #2: "The public also mistrusts corporate America.The good news about this has been an increased motivation on the part of corporations to engage with social service organizations and show their commitment toward the communities in which they operate."

Response to #2: For some reason, I'm really in love with this quote. It is very truthful. Most people would agree that they don't trust corporate America. In fact, 99% of our Fair Trade would certainly agree with this because of all that is written about unfair wages and practices and that the CEOs make absurd amounts of money. But I really like that this author didn't try to say that huge corporations were good, but merely pointed out that there is a positive spin. Many companies do give a lot to charity and hold and sponsor events. Maybe the intention is public relations, and is not genuine, but intention doesn't matter much in the big picture if people are being helped.

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