Blog Post 6: Dollars, Sense, and Dignity

Text 1: One quote that thoroughly stuck out to me was, "The public also mistrusts corporate America.The good news about this has been an increased motivation on the part of corporations to engage with social service organizations..."

Response: This quote stuck out to me because, in a way it shows a change in human behavior. I mean corporate America has always had a bad name. Bad people making tons of money, while disregarding the lives of those who are "below" them. And the crazy thing is that I have always wanted to work in corporate America because I love business. However, this bad reputation has led to many bad connotations towards business students as well as people who aspire to work at an accounting firm, or for a fortune 500 company. Anyways it is great to see a change in ideas and values and that companies are waging a war against this bad reputation that has been placed on big business since the oil barons. Since then the business world has evolved greatly and has grown globally as well. It is amazing to see companies like Google and Apple, not only treat their companies well, but move forward and try to create an industry where people can be treated fairly.

Text 2: "Living in an orphanage taught me to identify with those less fortunate with their plight and needs." This really stood out to me. I mean was raised in an exceptionally wealthy family, and although that was my upbringing i never once believed that i was better than someone who was homeless, or less fortunate than me.

Response: Like i said, i have never been a person who believes I am better than anyone else. I am lucky to have been born in the family i was born into, and It is amazing to say that i have this wealth to help me out in life. But that doesn't mean i am above people who are less fortunate, just because i came from a prominent family does not mean i don't see the lives of the less fortunate. I think in this modern world, too many people believe that where you are born defines you. Sure our experiences mold who we are, but by saying were we are born defines us, is an obvious misconception. I can completely understand how growing up in an orphanage can completely change your ideal on life, but just because i have not been in that situation does not mean i am any less aware of the situations less fortunate people are in. No matter what situations arise in your life, just be fair, be honest, and be just. That's all anyone can do to be an outstanding person who can care for people, whether they be less fortunate, or more fortunate than you.

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