Dollars Sense and Dignity

Actual Text #1: “I have learned more from those failures than from my success. ‘Why?’ It is because when you fail you realize how much you need to do to succeed. “

Response #1:

I really like this statement because many people think that to succeed you must not make any mistakes, but that is not the case. The only way you truly can grow as a person and learn is by making mistakes. You should be able to ask as many questions as you would like and use lessons learned from your failures to make improvements. No one is perfect but we can all gain more knowledge and become better people with the recognition that our failures and lessons make us that much stronger.

Actual Text #2:

“I have always believed that altruism is part of us, that as social being we are inherently compassionate…we are all interconnected we are now coming to the realization that to survive, as human beings, we need to connect with others and be more sympathetic. Most of our problems would be over if we had an array of people committed to serving others. “

Response #2:

It is a constant tread in all the pieces of readings that we are assigned that community and teamwork are key in getting anything done. We must work together in order to maintain a long-lasting goal. The benefit of working with other is that we can learn from each other. We all have strengths and weaknesses and if we collaborated more we can achieve even greater things. I think it is awesome that the MIA Senior Living Solutions can allow people to hold on to their dignity. There is no need to take that away from people. Working together is beneficially to everyone. These seniors need our help because we all know that if we were in their shoes, we would be hoping the exact same thing. If we put in a little effort to help, these individuals can live with pride and will be more likely to live longer lives because their happiness will not be drained out of them from the depressing, gloomy setting of a nursing home. Not only will we be helping them live happier lives but also will be able to because we will be saving millions of dollars.

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