Blog Post Go (5): Bruni and Uelman

Text 1: One of the most salient points that stuck out to me was the quote "The businesses foster communion with employees by paying particular attention to their health, well-being, and development."

Response: This is an amazing statement. I mean just look at a lot of the companies around the world today. A plethora of them do not care for their employees at all. Especially companies that have mechanized their production of intermediate goods. This just means that employees are easily replaceable and new ones can be hired almost immediately. Some companies have even been known to smuggle illegal immigrants into the US just so they can have cheap labor. It's pretty disgusting and is extremely degrading as well as life threatening because the working condition of some of these companies are dreadful. I believe that more companies should try to be like Google, where facilities and employees are cared for. Just look at Google's exponential growth and how it is a global business giant. Although it isn't just simple tasks, the way Google treats its employees is amazing. They have free meals, cars they can use, and much more. If more companies followed this example the world would truly be a better place.

Text 2: “A manager was ready to fire an employee until one of the chemists suggested that he should first listen to the employee with greater attention." This quote also struck me because I plan to go into the management field and it was surprising to see how some people actually react within companies.

Response: Although I expected a lot of managers to act this way, i never would have expected that people can be so ignorant to do such things. I guess I've been privileged enough to live a life where ignorance has not really been a problem for me. Besides that point i believe management is all about your underlings. A lot of managers believe that they are in a seat of power, but that is completely wrong in my book. A manager is a shepherd, there to guide and help his underlings become successful while completing the goal tasked to the manager by his higher ups. Furthermore, i believe management should never be clouded by power because the only thing that can cause is problems for both the manager and the underlings.

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