The Last Journey of Oscar Romero

Text 1:
In the documentary, it was mentioned that the rich were used to having power over the church.

Response 1:
When I heard this mentioned in the movie I was very shocked. It showed how the Church can be corrupted by the powerful and wealthy. It made me wonder about the relationship between the Church and the poor before the arrival Monsenor Oscar Romero. Did the Church turn their back to the social injustices? I was also surprised at how much the support of the Church meant to the people, and how the rich felt threatened when Monsenor began to side with the poor.

Text 2:
The scene where they discussed how Father Grande introduced the Gospel in a new way to the people.

Response 2:
This scene reminded me how just a little knowledge can empower a whole group of people. I forgot that the bible used to be only read in Latin and that most people could not understand the readings. I really liked how Father Grande read the bible to the peasants in their native language and how he applied the teachings to their actual lives. I really enjoyed how he compared the story of Exodus to what they were going through and how they were essentially slaves to the rich. It also opened their eyes to the reasons of why the injustices were taking place; it wasn't because God was punishing them it was because of the corrupt government. This just further showed how the Church was corrupt and was blinding the people from the truth, that is until people like Father Grande and Monsenor Romero took action.

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