Blog Post 4: Documentary.

Text 1: "The only way is for you to organize and together demand your entitlements, your stolen rights." This quote vibrantly stuck out to me because I am a big supporter of personal motivation.

Response: After watching this documentary, I would have to say i learned a lot of things. I saw some things that i realized was happening around the world and yet still i was shocked. Being a privileged college student I am aware of social injustice around the world and yet I have yet to honestly witness it with my own eyes. I may get to see documentaries or hear about it on the news, but I do not witness the horrors that these people have to face on a day to day basis which truly breaks my heart. Anyways to respond to this quote, I think it is a beautifully written phrase. Simple and yet so powerful because at the core of humanity, people should be equal. How can anyone live in a world where their own rights, their own privileges have been stolen away from them. I am a firm believer of people rallying together under one common goal to oppose injustice. And although i know it is not such a simple task, I believe that with enough motivation, heart, and education, anyone can change social norms. Anyone can overthrow a malicious government, anyone can save lives.

Text 2: Another salient point throughout the documentary that was horrific was the idea that the government would kill innocent people.

Response: I have studied malicious government regimes almost all my life, and still to this day It horrifies me. How can government, a sacred body of power, be so rotten to its core to allow the killing of innocent people. People who only want to better their lives as well as the lives of their children. How can a government suppress and execute members of society just for wanting to speak out? How can a government so easily deny someones basic human rights? How can someone take a beautiful thing like government and horribly mutilate it into something so despicable that it can barely be called a government? Overall, this documentary only helped me realize once more that when people are seated with power, all they do is use it to better themselves. While the people who are worth something in this world can barely do anything except slowly but surely bring equality to the world like Monsenor Oscar Romero.

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