Blog Post Drie: 9/24/13

Text 1: Today there are websites like theperfecttoast.com that practically wuss a wedding toast for you. All you have to do is fill in a questionnaire about how the bride and groom meet and other details about their lives and how you would describe them. After this sort prices that really requires no work and paying 149 dollars you well receive a 4 minutes long toast in the mail.

Response: For me marriage is quite an important thing. Yes I've been raised a Catholic, and no I don't believe marriage to be a sacred thing, however I still believe marriage to be a very important thing. I mean my parents got divorced when I was in middle school and there I'd a part of me that will never forgive them for it. Sure they're happier now, but the ain't of pain that was caused by it was absurd. Anyways I just thought it was ridiculous. I mean a toast should be something from the heart. It's a toast for someone's wedding for crying out loud. Does our society know no bounds that we have to pay people to do personal tasks that require a little bit of heart and a little bit of effort. That's just sad and disappointing.

Text 2: The second article that interested me was the article on prostitution. The author talks about fairness and corruption in the business of prostitution. The author goes on to talk about how prostitution is demeaning and degrading.

Response: Personally I don't think prostitution is demeaning, I think it is a noble and old profession, and before anyone goes off on my let me explain. I mean in this day and age I can completely understand why people can connote prostitution to demeaning and degrading. However I think that is a social construct that is derived from the social constructed idea of sex and drugs. I believe the mixing of the vicious cycles of addiction and prostitution gives prostitution a bad reputation. I mean a prostitute who isn't in the vicious cycle of addiction, all she is doing is providing pleasure, what's so wrong with that? Think of that compared to people who commit real crimes. Honestly society needs to reflect on how it judges people and there actions.

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